How We’ll Help You Create a Digital Culture of Innovation and Growth


Want to improve employee productivity, streamline operations and attract new customers?

Organizations in any industry can benefit from digital transformation: Using technology to improve business performance.

We’ve worked with:

Small Businesses

Large Corporations


Community Organizations

Successful transformations put people first.

We focus on the things that matter:

Empowering your people to do their best work, improving engagement and accelerating productivity - so they can deliver exceptional results, in less time, and life a healthier, more balanced life.

How we work

We’ll help you cultivate a digital culture - and ensure everyone’s on board with making your digital transformation a success - using our 3-step Digital Escalator approach.

1. Measure

Assess your team's digital mindset, skills and productivity.

2. Engage

Identify and engage your biggest digital champions and opportunities.

3. Empower

Develop and implement solutions to enable your digital world potential.


Our people


Christian Newman


Leads client strategy and solution development - helping you imagine and implement your digital-world possibilities.

17 years experience in sales, channel development, marketing, customer experience and digital transformation at TELUS.

Professionally-trained coach, health and wellness enthusiast, aspiring yogi and self-diagnosed coffee addict.


Sheryl Rose Newman

Chief Client Officer

Leads client project management and execution - helping you ensure your digital transformation project is a success.

16 years experience in project management in community organizations and health care.

Former registered nurse, mom of two, Grey’s Anatomy fan, and Candy Crusher.

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